Connecting Google for Retail to Thrive

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Google for Retail lets you manage how your online product inventory appears on Google, and offers additional programs for promoting your inventory on Google's platforms.

With Thrive, you can seamlessly synchronize your online store catalog with your Merchant Center account to take full advantage of Google programs like listings, ad campaigns, and more.

Not convinced? Be sure to check out this blog article for more information before getting started:


Connecting your Merchant Account

Step 1: Navigate to Thrive's Online Listings setting tab

Over here, you'll see a list of your available e-commerce integrations that we can connect to your Merchant Center account.

If you don't see your integration listed here, it may not be one of the supported integrations (yet), but stick around for future updates from Thrive!

Step 2: Select an integration to sync with your Merchant Center account

If you've already verified a website URL on your Merchant Center account, you'll want to select the integration that corresponds to that URL.

After clicking Add Google Merchant Account, you'll be redirected to a Google authorization page where you can select the Google account associated with your Merchant Center account

Step 3: Consent to Thrive's requested access

In order for Thrive to synchronize your e-commerce catalog with your Google Merchant Center account, Thrive will ask for consent to manage your product listings and accounts for Google Shopping.

Step 4: Finalize your setup

Lastly, you'll need to tell Thrive which country you'd like to list your products within and what language you use for your products.

For most accounts, you won't need to select a Google Merchant Identifier, but if you're a member of multiple merchants you may need to select which merchant account you'd like to integrate with.

Step 5: Learn more about how to take advantage of your new integration

You're all set now! We're very excited to offer Google Merchant Center as an integration and help our customers expand their reach in the e-commerce space.

*This feature is included on Professional plans and above.

To learn more about our plans and upgrade, click here.

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