[December 2, 2021] During the holiday season and as the year winds down, it's essential to have your inventory records match what's on your shelves so you never miss out on a sale and have clean counts come tax season.

Shopventory has four different ways you can complete a cycle count, depending on what is easiest for your business. You can also mix and match these options. For example, you can tally your counts on a hardcopy version of your Edit Inventory Quantities Spreadsheet, or Reconciliation Worksheet, and then make the adjustments (depending on how many there are) with a Stocktake of just those items, or with the Barcode Scanner App.

Once a count is complete Shopventory will automatically push out any updates to all your sales channels at once.

  1. Stocktakes: Simply create a report using the Stocktake feature, click on the products you want to include in your cycle count, complete the count with the option of using a barcode scanner, and make any notes. The stocktake feature is ideal for any business, but preferred with large businesses, those with multiple locations (including warehouse and storefront), or those with a lot of SKUs.

    To learn more about completing a cycle count, view our guide.

  2. Barcode Scanner Mobile App: Use Shopventory's mobile app to manually receive and reconcile inventory quantities using a barcode scanner. This method is used in small to medium-sized businesses.

  3. Spreadsheet Bulk Upload: Available on Standard Plans and above, update, edit, and reconcile inventory using the spreadsheet bulk upload tool. This method is used for small businesses or when completing a full inventory count so you can clearly track your progress.

  4. Reconciliation Worksheet: Print your inventory list based on location, categories, and preferred layout to complete your count then make any updates in Shopventory. This method is recommended only for small, one location businesses.

So start thinking about which option (or options) will work best for you and your team this holiday season. And of course, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can help too!

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