[January 6, 2022] Shopventory’s Stocktake feature saves your team time, while reducing errors during your year-end inventory count. Simplify this coming tax season knowing that your ending inventory value is accurate when completing your business balance sheet.

Complete Your Year-End Inventory Count and Calculate Your Ending-Inventory Value with Stocktakes

Shopventory's Stocktake feature helps you manage and automate your year-end inventory count. Use your external barcode scanner or our barcode scanner mobile app to quickly and accurately count all in-stock products. If you have multiple scanners, divvy up the products onto different Stocktake reports to speed up the process.

Use the “Notes” column to keep track of completed product counts and any discrepancies. Identify any common reasons for errors and take note of products that have been gathering dust or past their expiration date and make informed adjustments to your next Purchase Order.

You can also download a PDF or CSV version of the Stocktake, if you’d prefer to have a manual copy to go off of.

Once your Stocktake is “Approved” any inventory updates will be completed and updated across all your sales channels and locations. At this point you’re able to accurately calculate your ending inventory value, reducing headaches this coming tax season.

You can also see an overhead view of all the adjustments made during your year-end inventory count by generating a Stocktake Discrepancy report.

Check out our Get Your Count On! Spotify playlist for tunes that are guaranteed to make your year-end inventory count fly by!

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