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Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Pro-Tip: You can use Ctrl-F (⌘-F on a Mac) to try and search for keywords.

"I have general questions about the app. Can I get an overview?"

"Changes I made in Thrive aren't showing up in my point of sale"

"Can I print my labels/barcodes with Thrive?"

  • Yes! You can download label-sized PDFs with visual Barcodes and print labels.

"Can I use a barcode scanner with Thrive?"

"Can I upload new inventory in bulk?"

  • Yes, a Bulk Upload tool is available in the "Actions" button on the Products & Variants page.

"What is a Variant?"

  • A variant is simply a version of a product. For example, a t-shirt could be your main product, and the different sizes it comes in would be the variants.

"The Category filter buttons don't work."

  • Log out and back in, and they'll be good as new!

"What should my sync settings be?"

  • Turning sync 'ON' means Thrive pushes info out to your register.

  • Turning sync 'OFF' means Thrive doesn't push any inventory information.

"How do I edit my inventory?"

"I can't log in!"

"How do I update my account/billing settings?"

"Can my partner/employee have their own login?"

  • Yes! Learn how to add them here.

"Can you explain the billing?"

"I don't think Thrive is for me. How do I cancel my trial/plan?"

"My products aren't syncing to my point of sale"

"Why does Thrive seem slow?"

  • If you're on a Clover device, those run a pretty old version of Android. So we recommend using a laptop or desktop to access or from the browser.

  • If you're working with a larger inventory (15k products or more), loading all that data may take a minute. Our partners only allow us to process data at a certain rate.

  • Otherwise, please start a chat or contact us to tell us about it and we can troubleshoot.

"How long does Thrive take to sync with my POS?"

  • Changes made in Thrive reflect in the point of sale within 2-3 min on average, 10 min max.

  • Sales made in the point of sale are reflected in Thrive within 2-3 min on average, (99% in under 10 min), 6 hours max. 

  • Changes made in the point of sale provider's inventory system: NEVER

"I can't download a PDF/CSV"

  • Clover devices do not allow downloads. Use your laptop/desktop/tablet and go to to access your account and download files.

  • Check your downloads folder in your browser settings.

  • Try a different browser.

  • Still can't get it? Start a chat or contact us.

"How do I delete/disconnect a merchant account integration?"

  • That has to be done by a Thrive administrator. 

  • Just start a chat and let us know which merchant account integration you'd like removed.

    • Note: Deleting a merchant account integration will not delete the corresponding inventory from Thrive.

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