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Modifiers: Mix & Match Products or Ingredients
Modifiers: Mix & Match Products or Ingredients
Customize your modifiers and apply them to multiple products.
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[March 3rd, 2022] With Modifiers, you can easily transact the most customized products at the point of sale and have the proper quantities deducted when the sale is complete.

Shopventory accurately deducts quantities based on what the customer has ordered. You can set limits using the Min/Max to make sure the customer doesn't go over the limit.

For example, a burger can be made up of several different combinations using an array of ingredients for each Modifier. With Shopventory, you can have separate Modifiers for the different types of bread, meat (or non-meat substitutions), and toppings, as shown below.

These Modifiers will show up as an option for any product you apply them to.

It’s easy for the employee taking the order, simple for the customer to make substitutions or additions, and you’ll know the inventory is being properly deducted each time.

Modifiers are reflected in Product Sales Report in terms of increased revenue, increased cost of goods, and the profit margin as a result. Currently, Modifiers are only available on Square and Clover Counter and Table plans.

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