Thrive Inventory by Shopventory's invoicing platform and pricelists feature can help streamline and automate your wholesaling process. Wholesale gives you the ability to apply a pricelist discount to your products and then invoice the purchaser. You can set due date, net terms and update the statuses throughout the process, including Unpaid/Partially Paid/Paid as well as Fulfilled/Unfulfilled.

By using wholesale in Thrive Inventory, you can ensure the correct quantities are deducted and fulfilled, keeping your inventory levels accurate and up-to-date.

Wholesale is currently in Beta and will be free for the duration of beta on the Standard plans and above. Learn more about our current plans here.

Everything you need to know about creating, sending a fulfilling invoices can be found here. And if you are specifically using invoicing for wholesale, keep reading!


Wholesale goods are typically sold in bulk and at a discount, and customers may receive different price breaks or discounts. That's where Thrive Inventory's pricelists come into play.

Pricelists allow you to assign certain discounts and rules to specific customers as a way to automate wholesale prices and price breaks. Note: customers must already be entered in the system to add a pricelist to them, more on adding customer here.

To create a Pricelist, go to the Pricelist tab then click ‘Create new Pricelist’. Enter a name, then select the discount option. Discount conditions can be applied as a percentage or dollar amount. Free shipping can also be assigned with this toggle.

Then choose a pricing strategy: Use Exact Price, Round to Nearest $.99, Round Up to the Next Dollar, Round Down to the Previous Dollar, Use Exact Price.

Any notes can be added, and the Pricelist can be assigned to customers. Hit save and you’re good to go!

You can also assign pricelists from your ‘Customers’ tab by clicking '+ Add Pricelists.'

Creating A Wholesale Invoice

Wholesale invoices are created just like regular invoices, except you will choose 'wholesale' under Type. The option to apply a pricelist that is already associated with that customer will become available.

Once a wholesale invoice is made it can be emailed directly to the customer with notes. When fulfilled quantities will be deducted from the chosen shipping location. Once the wholesale invoice is paid and fulfilled, the sale will show up on the product sales report.


To see all wholesale (and regular) invoice payments and refunds for a given date or date range, go to the Invoicing Transactions Report. More information can be found here:

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