Thrive was designed to better serve you with an updated interface and new tools. Your Shopventory account will continue to function as it always has to meet your inventory needs. In addition to a brand refresh, you’ll notice that new products, like Thrive Wholesale beta and Thrive Metrics are available.

Shopventory, Assemblies, Metrics, and Wholesale are all products of Thrive. Once Thrive is activated in your account navigate between products using the menu at the top left.

Over the next couple of months, we will be upgrading your Shopventory account to represent the new Thrive experience.

Of course, don't hesitate to ask us any questions. Simply use the green chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to connect with our team.


Add components or ingredients to your inventory and use assemblies to turn them into final products. Use You can fulfill your recipes or bill of materials and ensure the proper quantities are deducted and credited.

Assemblies can also be used for breaking down cases into smaller components.

Click the button below to learn more about how Assemblies can start helping your business today:


Know how your business is performing across locations and/or sales channels with highly visual inventory and sales reporting functionality.

  • Customizable Dashboards

Design reporting Dashboards for complete control of the data you want to see and how you display it.

  • Powerful Reports

Real-time, cloud-based sales insights that you can access wherever you are.

  • Goal Tracking

Set sales goals and monitor real-time performance against them.

  • Included Reports

    • Cumulative Sales

    • Top 5 Categories

    • Average Sales

    • Sales

    • Profit

    • Cumulative Sales vs Goals

    • Total Inventory

    • Incoming Purchase Orders

    • Incoming Transfers

    • Recent StocktakeS

For more information about setting up Thrive Wholesale and Thrive Metrics in your account, visit our user guide.


Enhancing Shopventory’s Invoicing platform, Thrive Wholesale has built-in capabilities for direct orders.

  • Customize Price Lists

Create tailored price lists specific to your wholesale buyers, building strong business relationships.

  • Simple Invoicing

Establish and store custom net payment terms, email branded invoices, and get paid how you want.

  • Powerful Inventory Management

Access accurate stock counts by syncing inventory levels across your wholesale business, sales channels, and/or storefronts.

Currently, in beta, this feature is free to use but there will be an additional cost associated with usage once the feature is released. We’ll share more details nearer that time.

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