What is a Modifier?

A modifier is a property that's added to any product. For example, a sandwich can have a modifier that excludes a particular ingredient.

Modifiers cannot be tied to inventory data. They are simply a label or tag that indicates something to either the Customer or the Merchant. 


Shopventory uses Variants to differentiate products.

Shopventory offers three "layers" of differentiation: Category, Product, and Variant; each field allows you to add plenty of info, so for instance:

Category: Sandwiches

Product: Turkey

  • Variant: Wheat
  • Variant: Wheat - No Onion
  • Variant: White
  • Variant: White - No Onion ... etc.


Category: Clothing

Product: T-Shirt

  • Variant: Small - Blue
  • Variant: Small - Red
  • Variant: Medium - Blue
  • Variant: Medium - Red ... etc.

You would have to create each possible Variant rather than using Modifiers to indicate or alter the products being sold. 

Shopventory does not currently manage Modifiers.
Shopventory will not write to the Modifier field or read from it.

However, full Modifier support is something we are looking at. Please reach out to our support team by starting a chat (just click that chat button in the lower right) so we can tag your email address and keep you updated on potential support for that function.

You can learn more about creating Variants and using Bundles for Bundle Variants below:

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