[June 1st, 2022] We’ve released a handful of reporting features, including new reports, improved reports, and new save and scheduling functionality. Reporting is faster and easier than ever before!

All accounts will now have access to two brand new reports: the Order Transaction Report and Inventory by Location Report. Additionally, our Product Sales Report and Inventory Report have been enhanced with new summaries and customizable columns.

  • NOTE: We will gradually be rolling out the Inventory and Inventory by Location reports to all accounts. If you currently do not have access to this report and can’t wait to use it, simply chat us using the green chat bubble and our team will begin the opt-in process.

Inventory by Location (New Report):

This new report shows your inventory by location during a specific time period. See total value, potential revenue, potential profit, and quantity in stock for a specific filtered location in one report.

  • Analyze a high-level overview of your potential revenue and to see how much each location is contributing to that grand total.

Order Report (New Report):

This new report shows transactional level data and the receipts a specific sale came from. This is particularly useful in seeing various order statuses across your locations and integrations. You’ll also see transaction-level sales data, much like an individual POS would show, but with all your integrations in one place.

  • Discover outlying sales, whether that’s the highest dollar amount sale, or finding which integration has “Open” orders that need to be fulfilled.

This updated report has several new data points including potential revenue summary, cost per unit and markup all in customizable columns.

  • Review end of year reporting and ensure your profit margins are set according to your costs.

This enhanced report has new configurable columns to provide more insight, like discounts, Modifiers, net sales, and net profit for each line item (as well as total).

  • Compare net COGs for a specific day or date range, making it easy to analyze year over year trends.

Saved Reports

You will see these four reports in the “My Saved Reports” section of Reporting. Once a report has finished, it will be available for download. If you would like to retrieve that same report in the future it already will be saved under My Saved Reports.

Scheduled Reports

Current professional and above accounts can schedule and automate these reports to be sent to their inbox at regular intervals of their choosing (daily, weekly, or monthly). Please see the help article on Scheduled Reports for more information.

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