How Thrive Syncs
The details on sync times and mechanics
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When using Thrive, all updates, additions, or changes to inventory must be made ONLY in Thrive rather than your payment provider's system (e.g. Square, Clover, etc.). 

Thrive automatically synchronizes updates to your POS register and pulls in the sales data so we can update your inventory and compile sales reports. 

Sales information will pull in automatically from your integrations to deduct inventory as it sells.

Sync times in Thrive

(with the recommended settings enabled)

Made a change/update to inventory in Thrive

  • This pushes out immediately. You should see it in your provider's inventory system within 10 min (2-3 min on average).

  • PayPal Here only syncs info once every 15 minutes.

Made a sale in your POS

  • This pushes an immediate webhook. The sale should reflect in Thrive within 10 min (2-3 min on average).

  • Clover, Square & Shopify do not guarantee webhooks, so it's possible for sales to take up to 2 hours to be pulled in with automatic checks. This is rare.

  • PayPal Here only syncs info once every 15 minutes.

Made a change/update in my provider's inventory system

  • Never. Changes made in your provider's system will have to be imported manually in the 'Locations and Integrations' tab under Settings.

  • Thrive ignores any changes made in your provider's system. That information will be overridden by Thrive if not imported. 

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