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Services and Non-Inventory Products
Disable inventory tracking for services and non-trackable inventory
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Q: What do oil changes, haircuts, massages, and appointments have in common?

A: None of these have a set number on the shelf, but we still want to be able to help you track and sell them! 

Marking these kinds of non-inventory products is easy: Just turn off inventory tracking for the product on the Edit Product page as shown here:

With "track inventory" disabled, quantities will show up on the point-of-sale and on Sales Reports. The advantage to disabling "track inventory" is that you won't endlessly keep deducting into the negatives.

Be sure to set your default cost for these products before they sell, as costs are not able to be added to your sales reports later on!

If you do not want the cost of goods sold (COGs) or profit margin associated with your non-inventory items, simply do not add a cost. Leave it null/empty. Adding a cost of $0 will show the sale at 100% profit.

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