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Introducing Assemblies, a New Way to Track Raw Materials
Introducing Assemblies, a New Way to Track Raw Materials
Feature Release: Track ingredient and raw material stock levels at the time of creation
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[August 11, 2022] Run your production line or kitchen smoothly. Thrive Inventory Assemblies take care of deducting and crediting the proper quantities for products, whether scratch-made muffins or custom skateboards, at the time of creation.

Assemblies are versatile for all kinds of uses, some of the most common being case breaks, recipes, and managing bills of materials.

Learn more about each use case:

Assemblies deduct input products at the time of creation, unlike Bundles which deduct at the time of sale. You are in control and can execute Assemblies at any point. This is especially helpful for final products that you will not want to be broken back into ingredients or raw materials.

To navigate to Assemblies, use the dropdown menu in the top-left corner, as shown here:

From there, you'll see two options, Templates and Runs. Templates are where you'll input your recipe or bill of materials. The Run section is where you'll complete the recipe and deduct quantities from the input products while adding to the output product inventory.

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