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Default Dashboards and Sub-User Access in Thrive Metrics
Default Dashboards and Sub-User Access in Thrive Metrics

Feature Release: Thrive Metrics default Dashboards are now available to all users

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[Sept 13, 2022]

Thrive Metrics Sub-User Access

Thrive Metrics now has simpler access rules so anyone on your account with reporting user permissions can create custom reporting Dashboards.

Note: Sub-users will only have access to reports with data they have permission for, limiting what they have access to. For instance, a sub-user who doesn’t have access to Purchase Orders will not see any information on the Purchase Order reporting tile.

Default Dashboards

Access your company’s Thrive Metrics default Dashboard for an instant snapshot of all your locations and sales channels, no coding or designing necessary.

Your default Dashboard includes the following reports:

  • Cumulative Sales

  • Top 5 Categories

  • Average Sales

  • Sales

  • Profit

  • Cumulative Sales vs Goals

  • Total Inventory

  • Incoming Purchase Orders

  • Incoming Transfers

  • Recent Stocktakes

Account owners will be prompted to select which integrations they would like to see on their default Dashboard, while sub-users will select which reports they want to add.

You can build your own custom sales and inventory Dashboards by going to the menu and selecting “Create another board.” Click here for more information.

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