If you're seeing costs as "Not set" on SALES REPORTS, you can simply backfill those lots using the current default cost. 


Inventory costs are calculated using Lot costs.

(You can learn more about lot costs vs. default costs in our Inventory Costs article.)

Even if a product has a Default Cost entered, the Lot Cost must be set for accurate calculations in the Reports section of Shopventory.

Simply click on the current cost in blue on the Products & Variants tab to set the lot costs:


  • Lot costs cannot be added if there are no quantities in stock. A product must have a quantity of at least 1 in order to update its lot cost. 
  • Updating the lot cost will also re-calculate the reports. For sales reports that predate the lot history, you'll have to backfill using the Default Cost.
  • Bundles, as derivative products, do not have their own lots, and costs cannot be edited retroactively. See more in the Inventory Costs article.


If you have a high number of "Not set" costs to deal with...

You can backfill all of them at once with current default costs. To do this, navigate to the Advanced tab in your Settings pages and launch the task:

This task will apply the default cost to any lots that are "Not set".

NOTE: In order for this task to apply the lot cost, there have to be a quantity of units in that lot. Any lot with a quantity of zero or a blank quantity will not be affected.


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