How Thrive Syncs with Square

Details on how Thrive syncs with various product fields in Square

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Thrive and Square both have many product fields and there are some differences between the two platforms. Thrive won't sync all fields since Square places restrictions on what exactly we can sync to.

Here are the product fields Thrive syncs to when you connect your Square account (please note if the product field is not listed, we will not sync it):

Field Mapping




Product Name




Product Description









Location Price Override

Location Price


Product Images



When you've successfully connected your catalog from Square to Thrive, Thrive will now sync updates to product fields to your Square account. More information on how Thrive syncs can be found here.

For Square Online users:

Square has updated how it handles Square Online listings, which affects how we sync images and descriptions. You might need to tweak your workflow while we make updates to support this change.

Contact us to ensure you can continue updating your products without affecting your website.

Some notable fields that are editable in Thrive, but will not sync to Square include:

Things to Note:

  • Square only allows one Category to sync over from Thrive.

  • We manage Fixed, per-unit, and variable price types.

  • Anything deleted from Thrive will be deleted from Square, even for partially mapped locations. This is because Square only has one category/tax rate/item, and that item is either enabled or disabled at various locations. To reiterate, even if it’s partially mapped, if you delete any information from Thrive it will get deleted from all Square locations.

  • When Square is connected, ALL items added into Thrive will appear on Square’s Dashboard, even if the item is disabled in Thrive, or enabled (in Thrive) to another location/integration etc.

If you have questions about a particular field syncing, please refer to this guide first as it will have the most up-to-date information.

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