Thrive and WooCommerce both have many product fields and there are some differences between the two platforms. When you first connect your WooCommerce account to Thrive, you have the option to import your product catalog (from WooCommerce). However, Thrive won't import all fields since WooCommerce places restrictions on what exactly we can import.

Here are the product fields Thrive import when you first connect your WooCommerce account and import your catalog (please note if the product field is not listed, we will not sync it):

Once you've connected and imported your catalog from WooCommerce to Thrive, Thrive will now sync updates to product fields to your WooCommerce account. More information on how Thrive syncs can be found here.

Below are the fields we sync in real-time (along with a few notable ones that we do not sync):


For details on the specific shipping fields we sync to Woo Commerce, check out this article:

If you have questions about a particular field syncing, please refer to this guide first as it will have the most up-to-date information.

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