Due for Stocktake Report

See which products haven't been counted for a specified amount of time.

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Ensuring that inventory counts are accurate is a recommended practice for any successful business. By using Stocktakes to perform your "cycle counts" you can trust that your numbers are accurate throughout the entire year. If you spot a quantity that is incorrect, you can quickly address it in the moment, instead of waiting till the end of the year and having to make countless corrections all at once.

The Due for Stocktake Report is meant to ensure you know what products haven't been counted for a particular time range. With that information, you can make sure your counts are as accurate as possible.

For more information about retrieving your report, click this article on Saved/Scheduled Reporting.

Report Summary

The Due for Stocktake Report is broken down at the product/variant level.

To get going, choose a preset range or customize it. You can manipulate Filters and Display options to pinpoint the exact information you are looking for.

With the "Filters" button you'll be able to narrow it down to specific Locations, Categories, Vendors, and in-stock/out-of-stock products. As a default, when you first run the report, we will show results for all of the items.

The "Display" button will allow you to customize the columns of the report. The available columns include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Categories*

  • Vendors*

  • SKU

  • Barcode*

  • Location

  • Last Stocktake Date (the date of the last completed stocktake for this product)

  • Days since last Stocktake (# of days since last completed stocktake)

  • In Stock (current quantity at corresponding location)

    *able to toggle on with the Display button

Recently created products (within 30 days) and products within the date range that have been entered, counted, and submitted via a stocktake will be excluded from this list. For newly created products, we are counting the initial creation as a time when the accurate count of the product was confirmed, so as not to clutter up the report with counts you already confirmed upon creation.

To take it a step further, let's say you add a product to a stocktake, but you never physically count it or enter a quantity in the 'Actual' column. The 'Actual' column for that product is left empty. When you submit the stocktake we will skip over that product and not change/update the count. That product would still be classified as "Due for a stocktake".

With the information generated on the report, you can add those products to a new stocktake and start counting. For more information, be sure to reference our Stocktakes guide here:

Further Reporting

Once a stocktake is performed, get more details on the adjustments made with the Stock Discrepancies Custom Report. There you can set a custom date range and even export it as a PDF or CSV.

Things to Note:

  • At the bottom left corner of the page, you'll be able to navigate through pages using bottom the arrow buttons.

  • Show more products per page, by selecting a new option on the bottom-right of the page.

  • Click on the column heading to re-sort the entire report.

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