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New Inventory Reports For Additional Insights
New Inventory Reports For Additional Insights

Feature Release: Inventory change report, due for Stocktake report, Stocktake discrepancy report, and an enhanced stock forecasting report

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[November 9, 2022]

Expanded inventory reports give you more detail than ever. Get the data you need to take your business to the next level.

Here’s a list of what’s new with our inventory reports:

  • Inventory Change report

  • Due for Stocktake report

  • Stocktake Discrepancy report

  • Stock Forecast report

Inventory Change Report

Our recently enhanced Inventory Change Report still shows you how inventory has been updated over a set period of time for easy high-level audits. But now, you have additional filters to zero in on critical insights.

“Bundles” filter: By default, the report will show both bundles and their components. By filtering to "show bundles only" or "hide bundles" you can make sure you're seeing what matters most to you.

“Change Type” filter: Quickly see how many products changed via our main features like Stocktakes, Purchase Orders, Internal Transfers, Assemblies, and sales.

This report is also available for saving and scheduling

*Scheduled reporting is only available for Professional plans and above.

Due for Stocktake Report

This report highlights what products haven’t been counted for a particular time range, like three months. With that information, you can make sure your stock counts are as accurate as possible with a Stocktake.

Stocktake Discrepancy Report

Know exactly where stock count errors occur and where you’re losing money from your previous Stocktakes. See Custom Fields, damaged or expired products, so you can take corrective measures to prevent these issues from continuing.

Stock Forecasting Report

View our updated Stock Forecasting report for smart estimates of when a product will sell out, with greater customization. Use the Filters and Display options to pinpoint the exact information you are looking for, like barcode and vendors.

*Stock Forecast reporting is only available for Professional Plans and above.

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