The newly enhanced Thrive navigation bar is available for testing now! With it comes better organization and easier access to the features most important to you and your business.

To navigate to the enhanced navigation and take it for a test run, click on the dropdown in the top-left corner of the page and select “Switch to Thrive” as shown here:

The fresh new look will take a little bit to get used to, but we think you’ll be delightfully surprised by its intuitive experience. Plus, you might even uncover features that you didn’t even know we had!

Here’s a quick overview of the new layout:


Home is where you find the main Dashboard. This is great for getting a pulse on the day, but you can also change the timeframe to Yesterday, This Week, and This Month.

Catalog is where your products live. For many, this is the main “hub” of Thrive where edits to products can be made. In addition, access your Modifiers, categories, and tax rates. From the Actions button on the Product & Variants tab, you can access bulk actions.

Metrics are for deeper insights into your business. Set a Goal and see how your sales line up with your current trajectory on your Dashboard. Of course, our cornerstone reporting can be found under Reports.

Inventory is where you can manipulate your products and variants via Stocktakes, Assemblies, or Internal Transfers.

Purchase Orders are where you create orders from your Vendors. Generate orders based on your needs using our PAR Levels and Reorder Quantities.

Invoices are where you create both Regular and Wholesale invoices. Manage your customers and pricelist all in one place.

Settings are where you manage your settings, users, locations, integrations, and everything in between.

Your User Profile (in the bottom left corner) is where you make changes and see insights on your specific profile. This includes Running Tasks on the account, Alerts, Settings, a link to Additional Support, and the option to Sign Out. Also, here you’ll find the option to switch back to the old navigation.

In the Company Profile (top left corner) you’ll find information on the company you are logged in with. This is handy if you have multiple companies with Thrive to switch between, or if you’re looking for another option to get to those company-specific settings.

  • PRO-TIP: Next to your company name, you’ll see an arrow to expand/collapse the menu. Great for maximizing your screen when you want to take in more information.

To navigate back to the old layout, click on your User Profile in the lower-left corner and select “Return to Shopventory” as shown here:

As always, your questions and feedback are always appreciated. To get in touch with us, use the green chat bubble in the lower right corner.

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