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Details on the updated interface and features of the new Stocktakes layout.

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⚠️This feature is currently in BETA, so you will need to be opted into by one of the members of our Customer Care Team.

If you are interested, please let us know by chatting in!⚠️

We are testing out an updated interface and additional functionalities for Stocktakes. Here's a quick glance at what the new interface looks like:

With the new look comes the ability to “zero out” products, add a prefix to your Stocktake Number, and hide/reorder columns.

Here are more details on those new features:

"Zero out" products

Instead of manually inputting zeroes for each product that was not counted, now you can do it in bulk. Previously, you would need to enter a zero in the “Actual” count column to tell our system that you no longer have that product in stock.

  • NOTE: If you submit a vacant/blank space in the “Actual” count column, our system assumes you forgot to count the product and does not change your live quantity. This is different than inputting a zero in that space.

The toggle to zero out inventory for all inventory line items with a null (empty) value is available when you "Save" or "Update" your draft. As long as you have an empty count on the Stocktake, this message will pop up:

Enhanced Settings

We also introduced additional setting options that make it possible to add a prefix to your Stocktake Number and hide/reorder columns. To see them, head to Settings > Stocktakes (under Feature Settings) as shown here:

By default, we'll have the new Stocktakes set up for "blind counts" to ensure accuracy. On the Settings page, you can opt to show the 'Expected Quantity' and 'Discrepancy' columns though.

The Settings page is also where you can add a prefix to the front of your stocktake number and rearrange your visible columns. You'll also see the option to choose which columns to hide and which you want visible.

In addition, our Vendors and Alerts pages also have BETA versions available to test with updated interfaces. If you would like to test those out and give us your feedback, please let our Customer Care Team know!

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