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Updated features for editing products
Updated features for editing products

A run-through of the enhancements for the Edit Product page.

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[March 2nd, 2023]

We've added some new features to the Edit Product page. Here's a quick overview of the enhancements so far:

Assigning Modifiers

Instead of navigating to the Modifiers page, finding the modifier, and then assigning it to a product, you can now assign modifiers directly from the Edit Product page as shown here:

Click the “Edit” button and you’ll be able to select from your existing modifiers, as shown here:

If your modifier hasn’t been created yet, you can do that here!

The newly added section is good for single additions, but if you’re adding many products to a modifier group, we still recommend doing that from the main modifier page.

Variant-specific weight and dimensions (Shopify)

Depending on how you have your product set up, having variant-specific weights and dimensions can be key for your e-commerce site.

Use the variant-specific weight and dimensions fields and have them sync out correctly to Shopify.

Add Google Product Categories

For people using Thrive to push their products to the Google Shopping tab, we’ve added a new field:

At this time, the Google Product Categories field does not sync out to Google, but we are hoping to make that connection in the future.

For more information on using Thrive to push your products to the Google Shopping tab, click here!

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