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All the details on how Facebook and Instagram Shops by Meta work together with Thrive.

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  • An e-commerce integration (BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce) connected to Thrive

  • A Facebook or Instagram account (free to create)

Depending on your experience level with Facebook/Instagram Shops, this feature may introduce a lot of new terms. If so, check out our webinar otherwise, we’ve created a quick overview of the Facebook/Instagram Shops and Meta ecosystem below:

1) Set up your Shop on Facebook/Instagram

If you’re just getting started and brand new to selling on Facebook and Instagram Shops by Meta, we’ve got you covered.

To ensure a quick and efficient setup, here’s a direct link to Meta’s article on getting set up:

The above article will walk you through the entire process. Here’s an additional article where each step is laid out as well.

Already selling on Facebook and Instagram Shops by Meta? You can probably skip this step!

2) Set up your Feed & assign products to a Catalog

Once you’re set up your Shop on Facebook/Instagram, navigate to Feeds > Meta Shops (in Thrive) and click “Set Up Meta Feed”:

Here you can set up your Feed and then start assigning products to your Catalog that you want to push to your Shop on Facebook/Instagram.

More details can be found here:

3) Push your Catalog from Thrive to Facebook/Instagram

To push your Catalog from Thrive to your Meta Shop, we’ll first need to generate a link that represents your catalog in Thrive. Then, we can add it to your Meta Business Manager directly and the products will come through.

More details can be found in this article:

Error Management

If you have any warnings or errors, you will see them on your Meta Feed page in Thrive. Click on the warning/error symbol as shown here to surface the current errors:

For more details on errors and how to fix them, check out this article.

Things to Note:

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