How the Meta ecosystem works with Thrive

Details on how Facebook and Instagram by Meta interact with Thrive.

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Meta ties Facebook and Instagram together (along with other apps like WhatsApp and Messenger). When we use “Meta” somewhere on our site, it’s safe to assume that we are referring to both Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about Meta specifically, click here.


  • An e-commerce integration (BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce) connected to Thrive

The Meta Business Suite for Facebook and Instagram Shops is where you can organize and manage your business assets in Meta. Meta “Assets” can include a Facebook page, Instagram account, catalog, and more.

Control your product catalog and Meta Shop using your Commerce Manager. This is found within the greater Business Manager ecosystem, along with other assets like Ads, and Pixels.

A Facebook Page is where businesses or companies can connect with customers. You can connect with existing and potential customers, and also display and sell your products.

To Display or sell your products on a Page, you’ll need a Shop. Your Shop will live on Facebook or Instagram and be connected to your main Page. Your Shop is an online storefront where people can browse, explore, and purchase your products directly on Facebook and Instagram, or be redirected to your website. A Shop lets you sell products from your business account (Page) in the name of your business and is not affiliated with your personal account.

We can help curate and push products directly from Thrive to Facebook and Instagram Shops by Meta. A Feed is a data source to push out those products from Thrive. Your Catalog is the collection of products you have pre-selected in Thrive and are wanting to push to Facebook/Instagram.

Additionally, we’ll surface any syncing errors for you to fix and provide you with a Data Source link to simply copy and paste into your Commerce Manager.

Next Steps:

Now that you know the basics, you can set up your Shop on Facebook/Instagram. If you’re Shop is already up and running, you can set up your Catalog in Thrive. Or go back to the main set-up article to see where you're at in the process.

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