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Setting up your Feed & assigning products to your Catalog
Setting up your Feed & assigning products to your Catalog

Grouping your products together in Catalogs and preparing them to be pushed to your Meta Shop.

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To get started with connecting your Thrive products to Meta, please note we will need to create a “Feed” in Thrive, then curate a specific “Catalog” for that “Feed”. The Feed is essentially the link between Thrive and Meta. The Catalog is the specific product set you want to send to Meta.


1. Navigate to Feeds > Meta Shops (in your Settings)

Then click “Set Up Meta Feed” as shown here:

2. Enter your Meta Feed Name and the e-commerce channel

Choose the e-commerce channel that you would like the Meta Feed to be connected to (this may be automatically populated).

In addition, this will be the Shop a customer is routed to when they check out (if they aren't doing so on Meta).

Entering a Meta Shop URL is optional. This is a field where you can input your customer-facing Meta Shop URL, so you can quickly navigate to your Shop.

Then click “Save.”

3. Click the “Create Meta Catalog” button and enter a Meta Catalog Name

When you're done, hit “Save” again. We recommend something easily recognizable since this will be syncing out to Meta.

4. Click the “Add Variants” button & add products to your catalog

When finished, hit “Save Variants.”

The “Add Variants” button will not be clickable until you input a Meta Catalog Name and hit “Apply Selection.”

5. Click "Copy Meta Feed URL"

Otherwise, click “Bulk-edit variants for Meta” to edit the fields we do not support and have auto-populated for you. This is because Meta requires fields that we do not currently support in Thrive. This includes “Brand” and “Condition”.

We will automatically populate the “Brand” field with your company name and “Condition” with “New.” If you would like to edit either of these fields you are welcome to do that via a spreadsheet in the next step.

When you hit "Copy Meta Feed URL" (or you’re done with the bulk edit spreadsheet), you’ll be redirected to your Meta Feed page.

6. Make sure your Feed is "Active"

To have your products show up on your Shop, you will need to make sure your Feed is "Active."

To do that, head to your Feed and click on the corresponding "⋮" and set it as Active as shown below:

Otherwise, leave the Feed Inactive if you are still staging and adding products.

Next Steps:

  • An “Error” is a requirement you need to fix in order to list your product on Meta (when the data feed is active).

  • A “Warning” is a suggestion and/or minor change Thrive made in order to successfully sync your product to Meta.

Otherwise, you can go back to the main set-up article to see where you're at in the process.

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