Push Catalog from Thrive to Facebook or Instagram

Syncing your products from Thrive to your Meta Shop.

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You’ve got your Meta Shop set up, your Feed created in Thrive, and products added to your Thrive Catalog. Here’s the next step:


To push your Catalog from Thrive to your Shop, we’ll first need to copy the link that represents your new catalog in Thrive. Then, we can add it to your Meta Business Manager directly and the products will come through.

From the Thrive Settings > Feed page, click “Manage Meta Feed.” After you click “Manage Meta Feed”, you will see an auto-generated URL at the top-right of the page. You’ll want to copy that link.

Use this button to copy the link:

Once you have copied the URL, you can add your Thrive Catalog to your Shop.

Adding your Thrive Catalog to Meta

⚠️ The screenshots and overall flow are subject to change as Meta changes their interface⚠️

If you are adding to an existing Catalog in Meta, go ahead and skip to this section.

If you're setting up a new Meta Catalog for the first time, keep reading:

Creating a new Meta Catalog

Overall, we're going to create a new “E-Commerce” catalog in Meta. Once you have created the catalog, you will want to “Add items” to the catalog.

Here we are looking at the “Commerce Manager” connected to a “Business Manager.” In the middle of the screen, you will see “Catalogs.”

We’ll want to “Add Catalog” if you are new to Meta Shops:

Click “E-Commerce,” then "Next," then “Upload product info” and make sure you have the correct Business Manager selected in the dropdown.

Then click “Create” as shown here:

Adding products to your Meta Catalog

1) In your Commerce Manager, double-check that you are in the correct Commerce Account and Catalog as shown here:

2) Click "Catalog" and then under it, select "Items."

Then click "Add Items" in the upper-right corner as shown here:

  • NOTE: You can also select "Data Feed" instead of "Items," they will both get you to the same point.

3) Select “Data Feed” and hit "Next."

4) Now you're ready to upload your Meta Feed URL as your Data Feed.

Select "Yes" and have your Meta Feed URL from Thrive ready. If you don't have your Meta Feed URL from Thrive, refer to this article.

Then hit "Next."

5) Select the "Use a URL" tab and paste your Meta Feed URL as shown below.

  • NOTE: If you don't have your Meta Feed URL from Thrive, refer to this article.

Set a Username and Password if you want, it's not necessary.

6) Set a schedule and click "Next":

7) Confirm the details and click "Save Feed and Upload":

8) Once that completes, your Feed will now be connected to your Meta Shop.

Next Steps:

Once the URL is successfully pasted and connected to your Meta Business Manager (using either method), now whenever you make changes to that Catalog in Thrive, we’ll push those changes to your Facebook or Instagram Shop.

If you have any errors on your products that you are pushing to Facebook/Instagram, be sure to reference this article on handling errors.

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