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How Thrive Syncs with QuickBooks
How Thrive Syncs with QuickBooks

Details on the different ways that Thrive integrates with QuickBooks Online.

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*QuickBooks Online syncing is included in Professional plans and above or on any other plan as a Billing Add-On for $30/mo or $300/yr ($25/mo)*

Get additional insights and functionality when you connect QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Thrive. Keep reading for more details on what you can accomplish by integrating.

Automatic Daily Syncing

Each night, we’ll send an invoice to QuickBooks that has net payments, shipping, tax collected, and total refunds. As well as the transaction information, category COGS, etc.

More information can be found here:

Invoices and Purchase Orders

Manually pick and choose which Invoices and Purchase Orders sync to QBO. Syncing is done 1-by-1 and on-demand. This means we won’t sync items over automatically and you’ll need to tell us specifically which invoice or purchase order you would like to sync over.

Learn more about the setup and syncing process here:

Connecting your QuickBooks

For a step-by-step guide on connecting your QuickBooks Online integration to Thrive, click the button below:

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