System Recommendations

Shopventory is continually improving. Software requires consistent maintenance and upgrades to ensure performance and security.

For the best experience, access Shopventory on a laptop or desktop computer with a recent operating system (released in the past few years), ample screen size (minimum 7 inches), a fast internet connection, and an up-to-date browser. 

NOTE: Windows 7 and 8 are being deprecated (phased out) by Microsoft and are NOT considered recent operating systems.


Browser Recommendations

We recommend Google Chrome

We recommend using the most recent version of Chrome for the most seamless experience of Shopventory. 

On other modern browsers (Brave, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mobile Safari, Opera, etc.) you may see some minor differences and possibly run into minor issues. 


Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some things you can try to troubleshoot with that may help solve the problem:

1. Refresh the page

  • Oftentimes, a simple refresh is all that's needed!

2. Log out and log back in

  • Simply logging out of Shopventory will ensure a new session is started on the most up-to-date version of the Shopventory site. Click here to log out

3. Make sure your browser is up to date

  • You can click here to see if your browser is up to date. If Shopventory used to work on your browser before, you can try rolling back your browser to an earlier version.

4. Check your add-ons

  • If your browser has add-ons or extensions that block cookies or scripts (e.g. ad-blockers, anti-virus or privacy tracking apps), try to disable these add-ons and run the action again. Learn more

5. Clear your browser cache and cookies

6. Try a different browser

  • Alternatively, switch to using Shopventory on a different browser. This may indicate the browser requires an update from Shopventory. 


If none of the above steps work, please contact us for assistance.


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