Within Shopventory, the main difference is that a barcode can be re-used with multiple variants, while SKUs must be unique.

If you need to, you can generate a SKU number for any Variant that doesn't already have one right in the SKU field in the Edit Product panel.


Each POS handles these a little differently.

Shopify*: supports SKU and barcode
Clover**: supports SKU and barcode
Square: supports SKU only
PayPal Here: supports barcode only
WooCommerce: supports SKU only

*Only the Barcode can be scanned at the Shopify POS.
**Our barcode will map to the "Product Code" in Clover.

Even if your provider doesn't support a field, you can still use it internally in Shopventory. Both SKUs and Barcodes are optional.

Bonus: These fields also enable you to track commissions or serial numbers!


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