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Course 1 - Getting Started
Thrive University || Course 1, Lesson 1 || Introduction & Data Sync
Thrive University || Course 1, Lesson 1 || Introduction & Data Sync

Thrive University, Course 1, Lesson 1. An introduction to the platform, our partners and how Thrive works to sync your data.

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Welcome to Thrive University! In this lesson, we'll walk you through the basics of Thrive. Learn about how Thrive syncs with your integrations, and how it becomes the brain of managing your catalog.

Getting Started: Introduction and Data Sync


  • Make ALL changes to your catalog in Thrive!

  • Try using Thrive on a tablet browser for more mobility when doing inventory counts and receiving.

  • For answers to technical questions and quick service, use our live chat support!


How long does it take for a change in Thrive to sync to your integration?

2-10 minutes

Is there a mobile app I can use Thrive on my phone?

Thrive can be accessed from any device via the web browser. The interface is the same, but does adjust depending on screen size (we recommend at least a 7-inch tablet-sized screen). *Some features are not accessible due to screen size restrictions*

We also have the Dashboard App & Scanner App that can be found in the app store!

Oops, I made a change in my point of sale, what should I do?

Depending on how many changes were made, it can go a few ways. If it's an easy change to make in Thrive, do that. If multiple changes were made, contact us via the chat bubble & we’ll help you determine the best game plan.

Test Your Knowledge!

Should I edit a product at my Point of Sale?

No, all changes need to be made within Thrive to ensure your catalog stays up to date for all connected integrations.

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