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Course 2 - The Power of the Catalog
Thrive University || Course 2, Lesson 2 || Options for Creating Products
Thrive University || Course 2, Lesson 2 || Options for Creating Products

Thrive University, Course 2, Lesson 2. An in-depth tutorial on the process of creating products.

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In this lesson of Thrive University, we'll walk through creating products step-by-step. Come along as we cover product fields, where to find product level options and how you can use Thrive's tools to customize your products.

The Power of the Catalog: Options for Creating Products


  • Even if your integration doesn't support a field that Thrive has, you can still use it to organize within Thrive & for reporting purposes!

  • Use the inactive option for seasonal items, ingredients, or internal items like cleaning supplies!

  • Use PAR Levels and Reorder Quantities to automate the ordering process when using Purchase Orders.


Will all the fields from my POS provider transfer directly into Thrive?

Some of the fields in Thrive and your POS are named differently, or some fields might not transfer. For example, “Category” in Thrive equals “Tag” in Shopify. Vendors might be supported in your integration and in Thrive, but these will not sync to or from Thrive. Check out this help article for a reference guide.

How else can I use categories besides for organization?

Categories not only allow you to group products but also help with reporting (Category Sales Report) and filtering the inventory.

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