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The new Home page is your go-to for quick information, stats, reminders, and communicating with the team.

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The new Home page is the place to see how the day is going and what changes need to be made. See in real-time the activity on your account, sales, inventory changes, and everything in between.

This feature is currently in Beta. To opt in, click the banner on the current Home page or through the Marketplace under the "Built by Thrive" heading.

You can opt out at any time.

And don't forget to give us your feedback by clicking the "Send Feedback" button!

Bulletin Board

Get updates from us on matters that need your attention. And also leave notes for yourself or the team!

Create a new note by clicking the green plus sign next to "Bulletin Board." Then, add your message.

Option to set an expiration date, and lastly choose whether you want the note to be public (so your company can read it) or private (just for you).

At a Glance

See key metrics immediately on your Home page, by choosing the tiles and time range (if applicable) you want to see.

Here's a rundown of the tiles to choose from:

Bulk Uploads

Bulk Uploads with errors

See which Bulk Uploads have errors and which updates were not uploaded to Thrive. Option to correct them and resubmit on the Bulk Uploads page.


New Product Variants

The number of variants created within a time range.


Variants not syncing to Meta

Variants that are not syncing to Meta aren't showing up on your Facebook or Instagram Shop. Correct these critical errors in Thrive and ensure everything is syncing as it should.


Assembly Runs

The number of Assemblies run within a time range.

Cost of expiring units

The total cost of expiring products using lot cost.

Expiring lots

Number of expired lots within a time range.

Expiring Units

The total number of expired products within a time range.

Products with Low Inventory

Any products that are below the Alert levels (user-specific) or PAR levels set up in Thrive.

Profits lost from expiring units

Profit lost from expiring products within a time range.

Stocktakes that need approval

Stocktakes awaiting approval by a user with the Manage Stocktakes permission.

Stocktakes that need modification

The person approving the Stocktakes requested a modification. Now we're waiting for the count to be resubmitted by the counter.


Draft Invoices

Number of invoices in a "draft" state.

Invoices Paid

Number of invoices paid within a time range.

Uncollectable Invoices

Uncollectable invoices refer to those that have already been fulfilled, but no payment has been collected.

Purchase Orders

Overdue POs

The number of POs that are in an "overdue" state.

POs Completed

The number of POs that entered a completed state within a time range.

Partially-received POs

The number of POs that are in a "partially-received" state.


Discounts Given

The total amount of discounts given within a time range.

Gross Profit

Gross Sales - Gross COGS (within a time range)

Gross Profit Margin

(Gross Profit ÷ Gross Sales) x 100

Net Sales

Gross Sales - Refunds

Net Sales Tax Collected

Gross Sales Tax - Refunded Sales Tax

Products sold

Number of units sold

Refunds Given

The total amount of refunds given within a time range.

Transaction count

Number of Orders

- NOTE: Tiles noted above in italics signify a time range must be selected.


Create and edit charts with the information you find valuable.

The current charts have customizable date ranges and include:

  • Cost of Goods Sold

  • Discounts Given

  • Gross Profit

  • Gross Sales Revenue

  • Net Profit

  • Net Sales Revenue

  • Other Fees Collected

  • Refunds Given

  • Sales Tax Collected

  • Shipping Fees Collected

  • Tips Collected

  • Top Categories by Profit

  • Top Categories by Quantity Sold

  • Top Categories by Revenue

  • Transaction Count

These can be broken down by Location, Sales Channel, or Sales Integration.

NOTE: If you have more than five locations or integrations, check all the boxes by scrolling through or showing more rows.wing more rows, as shown here:

Recent Activity

Look here for the most recent activity on your account. You can see what actions are being completed.

For more insight, click "See more" to go straight to the Audit Log where you can see even more events.

Give us your feedback

We want this new Home page experience to work for you, so give us your feedback while you test it out.

It's quick and easy. See for yourself:


If you prefer the old Home view, you can opt out of the beta. All we ask is that you give us feedback through the "Send Feedback" button on the Home page beta.

To opt out, go to the Marketplace and follow the steps shown here:

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