What is it?

Shopventory 101  is a regular "webinar" presented by the Shopventory team. It is meant to give you a detailed, interactive guided tour of Shopventory.

("Webinar" combines 'web' and 'seminar'. It is simply a digital way of hosting a classroom. Think of it like one giant Skype session, but with a host who's in control and shares video of their screen instead of their faces.)


How do I attend?

Just sign up for the next session that fits your schedule. 


Does it cost to attend?

No. Shopventory 101 is a free class for anyone who wants to learn more.


What if I can't make it to the class at that time?

We will be posting a video recording of the most recent class right here:


The session is LIVE NOW! How do I get in?

Simply click here to join now. (The link is only live during the webinar.)

The Zoom Meeting ID is: 496-781-216


What if I have questions that weren't answered during the webinar? 

See that chat button in the right-hand corner? We have human beings on the other side of that ready to answer your questions! You can also just click below to email us your questions.

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