Shopventory offers the ability to generate a SKU number for your inventory. 

Simply click on the 'Generate SKU' option in the Product panel when creating or editing a product.

If you'd like to use the Barcode field instead, simply cut and paste the number from the SKU field into Barcode section.

New Create Product Page:


Generate SKU numbers for ALL Products

You can also generate SKUs for all products that don't have a SKU number at once from the Advanced page. Just use the Generate SKUs for all products without SKUs task.


SKU numbers generated by Shopventory are 12-digit UPC codes (the most backward-compatible industry standard). 

  • The first 6 digits of the SKU are linked to the Category field. This means that all Variants will have the same first 6 digits if they're all in the same Category. The following digits are randomized.
  • SKU numbers generated by Shopventory can be used for Tag / Label Printing as the protocol meets the requirements for generating a visual Barcode.

SKU numbers generated in Shopventory will be pushed out to the register and should be searchable/scannable at the point of sale.


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