Negative quantities in Thrive Inventory by Shopventory typically occur when products are updated in the point of sale system rather than in Thrive Inventory.

Once Thrive Inventory is installed, we strongly recommend only making all changes, updates, and additions in Thrive Inventory, and not in your provider's system.

For a more detailed explanation, check out this article: How Thrive Syncs

Correcting negative quantities

If the quantities are correct in your integration (e.g. Square, Clover, etc.), that inventory information can be imported over to Thrive Inventory to correct our counts. 

  • Follow this guide to import counts from your provider.

  • This will pull in exactly what's in the integration, right or wrong, so be sure the information in your provider's system is correct.

If neither Thrive Inventory nor your integration has accurate quantities, corrections should be made only in Thrive Inventory. 

Avoiding negative quantities going forward

To avoid negative counts, make all changes to your quantities in Thrive Inventory and...

  • Make sure your Sync Settings are both Enabled on that integration.

  • Set Alerts so you are notified as soon as inventory starts to run low.

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