Thrive Inventory by Shopventory has a wide range of reports (with more on the way). Reports are either based on sales records reported by your point of sale or Thrive's inventory records. Some of the reports can be generated for a specific point in time, while others you can select a date range (click here for a quick video 🎥 on selecting a date range).

Below is an overview of all the reports Thrive Inventory currently offers, starting with Sales-based reports.

Sales-based Reports

The following reports are all primarily based on the sales information from your point of sale provider. Thrive Inventory will pull all of the historical sales information available.

Sales Reports

  • The Sales Report shows all the products that have sold over a given date range. This also includes a breakdown of top selling Categories as well as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and your Profit Margin.

Category Sales Reports

  • The Category Report, similarly, is a sales report sorted by the Categories assigned to your products. This is separated out by Category, so it's easier to see an overall breakdown of what's selling.

Discount Reports

  • This report shows all products that were sold at a discount over the given date range. It's an easy way to see which products were sold at a lower price, and by how much!

Vendor Sales Reports

  • The Vendor Report is just like a regular Sales Report, but it's sectioned out by the Vendors to which inventory is assigned. If a product is assigned to multiple vendors, it will show up under each!

Single Category Report*

  • The Single Category Report report shows a complete sales breakdown, across locations or narrowed down to one, for a particular category. This information can also be obtained from the Category Sales Report, but the loading time is much quicker due to the filtered results. You will also see products that haven't sold as well, making it easier to identify those slow-moving products.

Unsold Products Report*

  • The Unsold Products Report provides more information on products that haven't sold within a given date range.

*These reports are only available on the Professional Plan and above (Learn more about upgrading your plan here)

Inventory-based Reports

These reports are based on Thrive Inventory's record-keeping of your inventory levels. Tracking for these reports begins as soon as Thrive Inventory is installed.

Inventory Reports

  • The Inventory Report will show your exact inventory levels as well as the total value at a given point in time. This report is essential to get a good grasp on what your inventory looks like and a must-have during tax season.

Inventory Change Reports

  • The Inventory Change Report will show you how inventory levels have been changed over time, including manual deductions, sales, and additions. You can also see the total value of these changes. 

Dead Inventory Reports

  • The Dead Inventory Report will show all products that have not sold for a given number of days. Great for identifying products that need to move!

Low Inventory Report

  • The Low Inventory Report will show all the products that are currently at - or - below Alerts and or PAR level.

Stock Forecast Reports*

  • The Stock Forecast Reports are intelligently calculated using predictive analytics of your sales data. Stock Forecast Reports will tell you about how much time is left until that product runs out of stock, based on its history. That estimate can also be used to set Alerts so you can re-order in time!

  • Stock Forecast Reports are available on the Professional, Elite and Enterprise plans only.

Bundle Report

  • The Bundle Report is ideal for seeing the makeup of a bundle, how much of a product is going is being deducted and making sure all bundles are set up correctly.

Consolidated Inventory Report

  • The Consolidated Inventory Report is a great option for seeing a bird's-eye view of your inventory as a whole complete with totals stock counts, list price, and total value for products.

Expiring Inventory

  • Keeping track of expiration dates could be a full-time job. With this report though, we show you exactly which lots are expiring how much potential profit is at stake.

*This report is only available on the Professional Plan and above (Learn more about upgrading your plan here)

In-Transit Reports

  • The In-Transit Report is based on Internal Transfers. All products that have been sent from one location (but not yet received at the other location) will appear on this report.

Custom Reports

  • Build out your own reports and see the key data points you need.

With that being said, our engineers are continuously hard at work trying to even more reporting options to Thrive Inventory!

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