This guide is for Clover users with an existing Thrive Inventory by Shopventory account who have been given a new Merchant ID (MID). Usually, a new MID is issued when purchasing new Clover hardware or switching banks/processors.

Before beginning...

  • The MID is Shopventory's point of connection to your Clover account. As far as the Shopventory systems are concerned, your new MID is a brand-new store.

  • Sales info will be pulled in from the new Clover, but sales that took place on the OLD Clover will be lost when the old Clover is disconnected.

  • With that in mind, we strongly recommend downloading all relevant sales and inventory reports and data from Shopventory as well as Clover before continuing.

The Process

To copy your inventory to a new MID in Shopventory, carefully follow all of these steps in order (many of these steps are irreversible). Click on the links if you're not sure how to complete a step:

  1. Ensure that your new Clover account is empty of all products, categories and tax rates. It may not be, even if you haven't accessed the account yet yourself.

  2. Click on the location name where you want to connect your new Clover, and use the button to "Connect a merchant account..." on the right.

  3. When prompted, select Yes to import (there shouldn't be any data to import, this is just a formality) and Yes to real-time sync.

  4. Export your inventory to your new Clover integration.

  5. Ensure that your inventory has synced to your new Clover account.

  6. Contact Shopventory to disconnect your original Clover integration.*

*You may choose to leave your old integration connected to Shopventory for a time in order to continue accessing old sales reports. This will be treated and billed as a separate location in Shopventory, however, and may cause some confusion. We recommend deleting it after you've downloaded the reports you need.

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