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Thrive Inventory by Shopventory Stocktakes allow you to update quantities for multiple items at once, see any discrepancies, and keep a clear record of that specific count—both before and after. 

Once you’ve entered your updates, simply Request Approval, and a manager will be able to review the count, request changes, or approve the Stocktake to finalize the counts.

NOTE: Stocktakes are recommended for a maximum of 10,000 items at a time. It is recommended to perform larger counts across multiple Stocktakes. 

Creating a Stocktake

To begin a stock-take, simply go to the Stocktakes page:

Click on the Create Stocktake button to get started:

Every stocktake starts as a draft. Just fill in the fields across the top to get started: 

  • Every Stocktake can have its own Stocktake number. 

  • Select the Location for the Stocktake 

  • The Reason can be one of the two system-provided options, Reconciliation or Other. Or, you can add a custom reason that will available as a dropdown option for that stocktake and each one moving forward.

    • To create a custom reason, click NEW above the reason dropdown menu to open the 'Create New Reason' screen. Make sure to select 'Create Reason' in order to use the custom reason for the current and future Stocktakes.

  • Finally, the Notes field is optional, but we strongly recommend adding a note for easy reference in the future.

Next, click the Add Products button to select what you're going to be adding to the Stocktake. You can skip this step if you're using a Barcode scanner. Barcode Scanning FAQs

NOTE: Bundles cannot be added to a Stocktake. A bundle's quantity depends on the quantities of its components. 

Select the products you want to update to add them to the Stocktake. 

Go through and update the quantities to the current count. You can also add an individual note on each product you're updating.

  • NOTE: Stocktakes do not save automatically. To ensure all changes are saved in Thrive, save throughout the process by selecting 'Save Draft.'

If you are on the Standard plan and above, you can use a barcode scanner to add quantities one by one. Every time you scan a valid SKU number, one unit will be added to the Stocktake. Each scan equals +1 unit. 

Empty cells in the 'Actual' column will not be counted when you submit the stocktake. Thrive Inventory will assume that you forgot to count those product and we will not override the live quantity.

If you want to set all products that were not counted in the stocktake to zero, you will need to manually input zeroes for each of those lines.

Barcode Scanning

  • Barcode scanning is on PO's is only available on the Standard plan and above

  • Other scanners might work, but the recommended scanner models have been tested and are known to work with Thrive Inventory. There are many different scanners out there and each one may interact differently with your Operating System or Browser. Thrive Inventory does not guarantee functionality.

  • If you're having issues scanning, click the button below to review the Barcode Scanning FAQs:

Thrive customers have used many barcode scanners with our platform. Some scanners include:

Save the Stocktake

Once you're done entering changes, hit the Save Draft button at the top to save the draft. The draft will now appear on the main Stocktakes page: 

Edit / Duplicate / Cancel / Request Approval on a Stocktake

To take action on a Stocktake, just click on the Stocktake number from the main Stocktakes page. That will take you into that Stocktake. Once you're there, click the blue Actions button at the top of the page:

From there, you can Edit, Duplicate, Cancel, or Request Approval. 

  • Edit: Allows you to make changes to the Stocktake.

  • Duplicate: Copy the stocktake less the counts entered in the 'ACTUAL' column.

  • Cancel Stocktake: This will mark the Stocktake as canceled. No further changes can be made, but canceled Stocktakes are still stored.

  • Request Approval: This will submit the Stocktake for approval. Only users who have the Manage Stocktakes permission will be able to approve the Stocktake and finalize the changes or send it back for further updates.

Approving a Stocktake

Once the Stocktake is awaiting approval, only users who have the Manage Stocktakes permission can approve the Stocktake. 

  • Open the Stocktake by clicking on the Stocktake number. 

  • Once you're there, just click the blue Actions button at the top of the page:

  • Cancel Stocktake: This will mark the Stocktake as canceled. No further changes can be made, but canceled Stocktakes are still stored.

  • Approve & Complete: This will finalize the Stocktake as is. 

  • Request Modifications: This will reject the Stocktake, but keep it open and set the status to "Modifications Needed". We strongly recommend adding a note to let team members know the reason for the modification: 

Once the modifications are complete, Just repeat the process and use the Approve & Complete option to finalize the update and set the new product quantities.


To see an overhead view of all the adjustments made, check out the Stock Discrepancies custom report widget. There you can set a date range and even export it as a PDF or CSV.

You'll have the option to enable Reasons (along with custom ones), Stocktake Notes and also Product Notes! Just remember to hit save, so you can keep those setting for next time.

The Inventory Change Report is another good option if you made all the adjustments outside of business hours. This report will show ALL product movements (sales, returns, products received, restocks and manual adjustments included).

Things to know:

  • Finalizing a Stocktake will overwrite the current inventory quantities.

  • Multiple stocktakes cannot be added together. If a product is held in multiple locations in your store, be sure to enter the total count on a single stocktake.

  • It is strongly recommended that Stocktakes be completed during off-hours to keep sales from interfering with product quantities.

  • The Stocktake screen will NOT update as products sell. It's best to start and complete a Stocktake all in one go while those products are not selling.

  • Stocktakes have a recommended maximum of 10,000 products per Stocktake. If you are counting more than 10,000 products, we recommend splitting the products across multiple stocktakes.

  • Modifications can be requested multiple times.

  • Bundles cannot be added to a Stocktake. A Bundle's quantity depends on the quantities of its components. 

  • If you're having issues scanning barcodes, click the button below to review the Barcode Scanning FAQs:

There are tons of scanners that work great with Thrive Inventory, but here are three options that other users have had luck with:

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