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Use Stocktakes to update inventory, perform inventory reconciliations, and automate cycle counts.

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The perfect option for an inventory count.

Stocktakes allow you to update quantities for multiple products at once, see any discrepancies, and keep a clear record of counts—both before and after. 

Once you've entered the counts, request approval, and a manager can review the count, request changes, or approve the Stocktake to finalize the counts.

Are you planning to count your entire physical inventory?

Check out this article for our recommendations on how to make the counts easy and reporting even easier!

NOTE: You can add a maximum of 10,000 products to a single Stocktake. For larger counts, we recommend splitting the products across multiple Stocktakes. 

Creating a Stocktake

To get started, go to the Stocktakes page (under Inventory) and click "Create Stocktake" as shown here:

Every Stocktake starts as a draft. Fill in the fields across the top to get started: 

  • Every Stocktake must have a unique Stocktake number. 

  • Select the Location for the Stocktake 

  • The Reason can be one of the two system-provided options, Reconciliation or Other. Or, you can add a custom reason that will be available as a dropdown option for current and future Stocktakes.

    • To create a custom reason, click the "+" symbol next to the reason field to open the 'Create New Reason' screen. Once you've entered the new reason, click 'Create Reason'.

  • The Notes field is optional, but we strongly recommend adding a note for easy reference in the future.

Adding your products

After filling out the top section of the Stocktake (number, location, and reason), you can start adding products!

There are three options for adding products to a Stocktake:

1. Scanning products

Each scan will count as a +1 for that item. A successful scan will produce a pleasant chime sound from your computer.

The ability to scan on Stocktakes is for users on a Professional Plan and above (learn more about upgrading your plan here).

To scan products into a stocktake, connect the compatible scanner to your device via Bluetooth or wire. Enable the scanner keyboard mode if applicable. Next, create a new Stocktake and add the stocktake number, location, and reason. Ensure the cursor isn't clicked into any fields. Finally, start scanning product barcodes!

If you scan a product that does not exist in Thrive, you'll see an error message at the top of the screen, along with a not-so-pleasant noise.

You can also manually edit the quantities as well. Remember to click off the quantity field when you start scanning again. This is important because the scanner pretends to be a keyboard in Thrive. Clicking on any blank white space in the Stocktake will deselect any text fields and allow you to scan normally.

Have issues scanning?

We can help! Check out this Barcode Scanning FAQ article for guidance.

2. The "Add Products" button

Click the button to select all the products you want to be counted manually.

Additionally, suppose you're trying to select an entire filter option (whether that's Inactive products, a specific Category or Vendor, or products created in the last 30 days). In that case, there is a quick way to ensure all the targeted products are selected.

  1. Click the "Add Products" button and apply your filters.

  2. Click the down arrow (next to the Select All box) and choose "Select All" as shown here:

The "Filter" button is incredibly helpful in loading your Stocktake with products.

For example, you can use the "Filter" button to hone in on a particular product's status, categories, and vendors.

Or, filter by time-related options, like products that were "created on or after" a chosen period or products that haven't been counted on a Stocktake in a chosen period.

Pro Tip: Use the search bar at the top of the Filter Variants screen to sift through and select categories or vendors.

3. The "Add All" option

Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) below the "Add Products" button and select "Add All Products to Stocktake."

If the "Add all Products to Stocktake" text is greyed out, be sure that you save the stocktake first by pressing the green save button in the top right corner.

Remember, only 10,000 products can be added to a single Stocktake. If you have more than 10k products, we recommend splitting the count into multiple Stocktakes.

Pro Tip: Since a Bundle's quantity depends on its components (other products), Bundles cannot be added to Stocktakes.


With a scanner

This is the fun part for users on the Professional plans and above!

Use a barcode scanner to add quantities individually to start scanning. When you scan a valid SKU number, one unit will be added to the Stocktake.

To clarify, each scan equals +1 unit.

There are many different scanners; each may interact differently with your operating system or browser. We cannot guarantee functionality with every scanner available, but if you're having issues scanning, click the button below:

These recommended scanner models have been tested and are known to work with Thrive, but others may also work.

NOTE: Some grandfathered Standard plans allow scanning for Stocktakes

Without a scanner

Even without a scanner, we'll help you ensure your counts are on point!

Manually count and enter your totals into the Stocktake under the "Actual" column.


  • Use the Notes column; that's what it's there for! Document anything worth noting!

  • Save often! Stocktakes do not save automatically, so save throughout the process.

Counting on multiple devices

Using multiple devices for Stocktakes is possible. We recommend that each device works off separate Stocktakes.

For example, one person can use the back-of-house computer and Bluetooth scanner for Stocktake #0091, while another person manually counts for Stocktake #0092 in the display case on the iPad.

Overall, a product should only get counted on one active Stocktake and one device at a time.

Each Stocktake should have its own items that do not overlap.

There could be issues if shared items or two devices work off the same Stocktake. For example, by counting the same product on different devices, the last Stocktake saved will overwrite any numbers entered previously.

To be clear, if you're working on a single Stocktake on two different devices, one person enters 60 for a particular count, and the other enters 12 for that same product, Thrive will not combine those numbers to make 72.

The last person to save will always overwrite anything entered previously.

Syncing during your count

Generally, we recommend performing your Stocktake outside of selling hours. With online sales making it possible for your customers to shop around the clock, sales can happen anytime!

The expected column on your Stocktakes will not automatically update (in real-time) when a sale occurs at your POS or website. Since the expected value may have changed, we highly recommend saving your work and double-checking the discrepancy column before approving your Stocktake.

By saving the draft, the system can refresh based on any imported sales or inventory moments since the last save (or when the draft was created).

Saving your work

Once you're done entering changes, hit the "Save" button at the top of the page.

Empty cells

When saving, you can choose how you want Thrive to handle empty cells in the 'Actual' column. It will look like this:

    • By leaving the toggle off (grey) - Any product with no value in the "Actual" column will be left blank, and the "Expected Quantity" will not change when the count is submitted and approved.

    • By enabling the toggle on (green) - Any product with no value in the "Actual" column will be switched to zero.

      • NOTE: Null values (or "no value") and zero differ. If you need help with how to proceed, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Make your choice and then confirm by hitting "Save."

Cancel / Request Approval / Approve & Complete / Duplicate

To take action on a Stocktake, click on the Stocktake number from the main Stocktakes page. You will then be taken to that specific Stocktake.

Then, click the "Actions" button at the top of the page, where you can Cancel, Request Approval, Approve & Complete, or Duplicate, as shown below:

  • Cancel: This will mark the Stocktake as canceled. You can't make any more changes. Canceled Stocktakes will remain stored in our system.

  • Request Approval: This will submit the Stocktake for approval. Only users with the Manage Stocktakes permission can approve the Stocktake and finalize the changes or send it back for further updates.

  • Approve & Complete: Only users with the Manage Stocktakes permission will see this option. This will accept and update your current counts based on the contents of the Stocktake.

  • Duplicate: This option copies the products onto a new stocktake. It does not transfer any information in the "Actual" column.

Approving a Stocktake

Once the Stocktake is awaiting approval, only users with the Manage Stocktakes permission can approve the Stocktake. 

  • Open the Stocktake by clicking on the Stocktake number. 

  • Click the Actions button at the top of the page and select "Approve & Complete."

If changes need to be made or something needs to be recounted, you can always "Request Modifications" and leave a note for the counter.

Customize your experience

Check out our Stocktake-specific settings for users with the Manage Stocktakes or Account Management permissions. Or head to Settings > Stocktakes (under Feature Settings) as shown here:

On this page, you can:

  • Perform "blind counts" by hiding the 'Expected Quantity' and 'Discrepancy' columns.

  • Add a prefix to the front of your Stocktake number.

    • For example, some organizations start records of a like type with an abbreviation relevant to their operations. Adding the prefix in settings means you don't have to keep writing it out whenever you create a Stocktake.

Automate & Schedule

For anyone wanting to run regularly scheduled Stocktakes or looking to create a Stocktake off a specific set of products, we have Stocktake Templates.

With a template, you can easily create a new Stocktake and even schedule Drafted Stocktakes to populate on a set date for your team. Learn more below:


Stocktake Discrepancy Report

Get more details on the specific adjustments over a specified date range, including the total number of units adjusted and their value.

Learn more here, or try it for yourself!


You can enable Stocktake Notes, Product Notes, and other variables on the Stocktake Discrepancy Custom Report! Just remember to hit save to keep those settings for next time.

Due for Stocktake Report

This report is perfect for ensuring each product count is confirmed regularly. Using Stocktakes to perform your "cycle counts," you can trust that your numbers are correct the year through.

Learn more here, or try it for yourself!

Inventory Change Report

See how inventory levels have changed over time. See all product movements in one report, including sales, returns, products received, restocks, and manual adjustments. Filter by sales, Stocktakes, Purchase Orders/Internal Transfers, and Assemblies (and much more). This report also shows the total value of any movements.

Learn more here, or try it for yourself!

Things to Note:

  • Approving and completing a Stocktake will overwrite the current inventory quantities.

  • Multiple Stocktakes cannot be added together. If a product is held in various locations in your store, enter the total count on a single Stocktake.

  • A single stocktake can hold only 10,000 products. For larger counts, we recommend splitting the products across multiple Stocktakes.

  • For larger stocktakes, we recommend saving often along the way and before submitting for approval.

  • Modifications can be requested multiple times.

  • Bundles cannot be added to a Stocktake since their quantity depends on the amounts of their components. 

  • If you see 'NaN' in the Expected or Discrepancy column, you scanned a product that isn't available for that location (but still exists in Thrive at other locations). This product will not be automatically brought to the new location, so it must be configured outside the Stocktake.

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