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Buy More, Save More Deals

Creating a "Buy More, Save More" deal to incentivize a customer to buy more.

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A "Buy More, Save More" deal is when you have an item for sale, and the more of the item a customer purchases, the better the price gets. For example, let's say we're selling street tacos for $3 apiece. But if you buy two, it's $5 (instead of $6), and so on if you choose.

So the more a customer buys, the more they save!

With that example in mind, let's see how to get that running with Thrive Inventory by Shopventory. To recap, the end goal is to set up a "buy more, save more" deal where a customer can get:

One street taco for $3

Two street tacos for $5

  • NOTE: There are a few different options for creating this deal in Thrive Inventory. This may not be the best option for you and your business. This example will demonstrate the basic principles of modifiers and help you make the best decision for your business.

Using Bundles

From your existing product, simply click “Add variant.” Then, use the variant name to specify the deal, like “2 Taco Deal”

The Price field to set what your customers will pay (e.g. $5)

Next, convert the new variant to a Bundle. Under the component section, choose the product and set the quantity to how many products are included in the deal (e.g. 1).

Do the same thing for any other variations of tacos you want the deal to work for.

  • NOTE: This gets extremely complex with more options, especially if you allow your customers to mix and match variations. For those cases, Modifier could work better for you.

Using Modifiers

For starters, make sure the main product exists in Thrive. If it doesn't, create it in Thrive now.

Then, go to your Modifiers page and click “Create modifier group.”

Name the new group and add the options that belong to it. The Modifier price will be added to your customer’s subtotal if selected.

For example:

When the customer adds an additional taco, the price will be $5, while the price of a single taco is $3. So that would make our Modifier price $2 as shown here:

$5 (the buy more, save more total)

- $3 ("full" price of 1 taco)

= $2 taco (Modifier price)

Don't forget to hit "Add" and then the "Next" button in the top right corner when you're ready for the next step.

Mapping your Modifiers

Connect your Modifiers to variants. This will ensure that quantities are deducted whenever the Modifier is chosen.

For example, here I’ve associated the Beef Taco product from my inventory with the "Beef" Modifier with a single unit of that item.

If my customer adds a second taco, Thrive will reduce my stock count and also factor in the cost to calculate the new profit margin.

  • NOTE: You may map multiple variants to a single Modifier, and use up to three decimal places. You may also map Bundles to Modifiers. Mapped variants do not have to be Active, but they must be enabled at your selling location(s) and have quantity tracking turned on to be deducted and contribute to the cost of goods sold.

The cost of goods sold for mapped variants is determined on a lot basis like all other sales (read more).

When you're done, make sure you click the "Add" button for each variant mapped and click "Next."

Min/Max Values

Set how many Modifiers from your group must be selected (the Min) and how many can be selected (the Max). These values can be left blank if you have no restrictions.

For this example, we’ve selected 1 for the maximum:

Apply to products

This page allows you to identify which products your Modifier can be applied to. Use the Search bar and Filter to isolate the correct products quickly.

Push to integrations

Finally, select the integrations, or sales channels, where this Modifier should be made available.

At this time, Clover and Square are available for Modifier support.

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