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Syncing Invoices to QuickBooks
Syncing Invoices to QuickBooks

Details on how Thrive syncs Invoices to fields in QuickBooks Online.

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*QuickBooks Online syncing is included in Professional plans and above or on any other plan as a Billing Add-On for $30/mo or $300/yr ($25/mo)*

Syncing Invoices to QuickBooks Online (QBO) can be useful for many reasons. Whether you're sending a Thrive invoice to a customer for a wholesale payment or you're collecting money for a service you performed and you want the payment to run through Thrive, we've got you covered.

⚠️This feature is currently in BETA, so you will need to be opted into by one of the members of our Customer Care Team.

If you are interested, please let us know by chatting in!⚠️

Getting Started

To start syncing Invoices to QBO, take these steps:

1. Connect QBO to Thrive on the Settings > Accounting page.

  • NOTE: Only one QBO should be connected to Thrive at a time. If you have additional QBOs connected that are no longer being used, or were used for testing, please remove them now.

2. Turn on Location tracking is turned on in QBO (click here for a guide).

Syncing is done 1-by-1 and on-demand. This means we won’t sync items over automatically and you’ll need to tell us specifically which invoice you would like to sync over.

Syncing Invoices

Once you've completed the steps above, create an initial Invoice in QBO directly and go through the basic set-up process on their end.

Next, you can start syncing invoices to QBO that are in an Open, Partially Paid, Paid, or Uncollectable status. The only status that will not be eligible to sync over is the Draft status. In other words, to have the option to sync the invoice to QBO, the invoice cannot be in Draft status.

To get an invoice out of a Draft status, you’ll need to have sent the invoice. Click “Send Invoice” in the top right corner (if you haven’t done so already). You can send it to your customer, a fake email, or yourself (so you have a record of it).

Once you send the invoice to an email address, it will be officially in an “Open” status and we can sync it to QBO.

From inside the invoice, click on the gear icon in the top right corner and click “Sync to QuickBooks” as shown here:

Where do I find my invoice in QuickBooks Online?

If it synced properly, the invoice would sync over in a few minutes to QBO, though you might need to refresh the page in QBO.

It will show up on the “Get paid & pay” section under “Invoices” As shown here:

Here’s a direct link to the invoicing page on QBO.


Invoices on Thrive and QuickBooks Online share many of the same fields, but there are also some differences between the two platforms.

Here are the fields that we sync to currently:

Discounts, whether Line Item or overall Invoice Discounts (% and $) will be reflected in the Discount value on QBO.


Will Invoices automatically sync to QBO?

You will need to click the "Sync to QuickBooks" button for an invoice to sync over.

If you create an invoice in Thrive and do not click the "Sync to QuickBooks" button, it will not sync over to QBO.

Syncing is done 1-by-1 and on-demand.

Why can't I see the “Sync to QuickBooks” button?

Make sure QBO is connected to Thrive on this page. Next, double-check that the invoice you are trying to sync is above a Draft status. Drafted invoices will not have the option to be synced to QBO.

If you’re still not seeing the option to “Sync to QuickBooks” please double-check that you have completed the two steps at the top of this article. And if that doesn’t solve the issue, please write to our Customer Care Team and we can double-check that you have opted into the BETA.

Why isn't my sync working?

The first time you sync an invoice to QBO will always take a little bit longer because we are trying to establish a brand-new connection.

If any errors pop up while attempting to sync to QBO, please take note of them. You may need to try syncing again in a few minutes. Generally, it should take less than 30 seconds for us to push the invoice to QBO successfully and it should be followed by a green success message.

Make sure you don't already have an invoice in QBO with the same invoice number. If the same invoice number already exists in QBO (even if it's inactive), and isn't the one that you are actively trying to sync, we will not be able to sync it over. Try changing the name of the invoice and syncing again.

If a product on the Invoice is in an inactive (or "bad") state in QBO, that can also cause a syncing error.

If the problem persists, the invoice might be temporarily stuck. Please reach out to our Customer Care Team and we can take a closer look for you.

What if I make additional changes in Thrive after I’ve already synced to QBO?

As long as the invoice number hasn’t changed, then you are good to re-sync and QBO will be updated accordingly.

Alternatively, if you change the invoice number, a new invoice will be created in QBO.

Do you sync my payment status?

We do not sync your payment status to QBO at this time. Once you sync the invoice to QBO, you can process the payment however you'd like.

Things to Note:

  • Only one QBO integration should be connected to Thrive at a time. We do not support syncing to multiple QBO accounts.

  • The sync setting on the Settings > Accounting page on Thrive does not need to be enabled for us to sync invoices or POs.

  • Thrive has Products and variants. QBO only has products. Each variant will have its own product line, in this format: Item Name (Variant Name).

  • Products must currently belong to the Invoice location at the time of syncing.

  • If the invoice contains a product that doesn't exist in QBO, we will create the product in QBO.

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