Consolidation is the process of taking products with the same name that exist at multiple locations as different products, and combining them into one product at multiple locations.

When should I consolidate?

Generally, when you are using multiple integrations in Thrive Inventory by Shopventory, you may have created your item catalog separately on each merchant account (Clover, Square, etc.). 

It is often easier to manage products with the same name together, rather than separately for each integration. Consolidation may also be necessary to avoid "duplicate SKU" errors.

How are products matched across locations using the Consolidation tool?

When you have products with the same name and categories, they will be matched by our consolidation system.

NOTE: Products with variants are NOT eligible for consolidation. Only "Simple Products" without a variant can be consolidated. Bundles are also NOT eligible for consolidation.

What happens after consolidation?

After your products are consolidated, you can use Thrive Inventory to easily manage your product across your locations on the same screen.

We also recommend checking out our Consolidated Inventory Report, which gives you a combined view of your total inventory numbers across locations. Read more about it here!

How to Consolidate Products Across Locations:

Choose the option from the "Actions" button at the top of the Inventory tab:

Simply follow the steps to complete the consolidation process!

How can I consolidate products with variants across locations (manually) if the Consolidation tool doesn't work for me?

This will have to be a manual process, done product-by-product.

  1. Figure out which version you are wanting to keep.

  2. Bring over information (counts, categories, vendor info, etc) to the version of the product you are keeping and enable for the appropriate locations/integrations.

  3. Delete the products that you no longer need to keep.

There are a few different ways to make this process easier. We've found that adding "DELETE" to the title of the products you'll be deleting later can be helpful. Another option is to create a new "DELETE" category or vendor to the products. That way, once you're done all the consolidating of information into the version you'll be keeping, you can easily bulk delete the products you are looking to get rid of. You'll just need to search by keyword "DELETE" or filter by that new category or vendor.

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