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Thrive Stock Counts app
Getting Started with the Thrive Stock Counts app
Getting Started with the Thrive Stock Counts app

A guide for how to best use the Thrive Stock Counts app for Clover.

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The Thrive Stock Counts app is for Clover users only and differs from a Thrive account. Learn more about the differences here.

Here are some tips on performing your first count:

1) Download the Thrive Stock Counts app

First things first, download the Thrive Stock Counts app.

If you haven't already, you can download it from the Clover App Market.

Open the app, and your page will look like this:

On the left are filters to pinpoint what you want to see. The options include:

  • All Stock Counts (the default view)

  • Open Counts (counts that are actively being worked on)

  • Pending Approval (counts where approval has been requested)

  • Complete (counts that have been submitted and approved)

In the top left corner is a hamburger menu (☰) where you can find a link if you need to our help page, with all the resources listed that are available for the app.

Now that you know the layout of this page, you can create your stock count!

2) Create your stock count

Click the green plus button (in the lower-right corner).

Select whether you want to perform a “blind” or “non-blind” stock count.

  • In a “blind” count, we'll hide the expected inventory quantity, to ensure the count is unbiased.

  • A “non-blind” count means the counter will be able to see the expected number of units for each product.

Make your selection, then name your stock count. Use a naming technique that works for you and your company so it’s easy to go back and investigate if necessary.

Click the “Save” button once you are ready for the next step.

3) Add your products

Select all the products you want to add.

Or click the top checkbox to select your entire inventory.

NOTE: If you accidentally add a product to a stock count, but don’t count it, you can remove it by clicking on it and removing it from the count.

When you’re ready to start counting, click the “Update products” button as shown here:

4) Scan & count

When counting, you’ll have a few options for how to enter the counts, including:

  • Scanning products

  • Manually counting and entering numbers as you go

  • Or a combination of both.


Each scan of a barcode will count as +1 to your count.

Supported Scanners include:

  • The built-in Clover scanner

  • Clover Flex device

  • Clover Mini

  • Bluetooth barcode scanners

If you scan a product that isn’t on the stock count, we’ll automatically add it to the stock count.

You'll see an error message if you scan a product that doesn’t exist on your Clover.

Entering counts manually

Just like it sounds, you’re manually going down the list and entering a count for each item or using the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols to alter the count by one.

Either option you choose, you can always click on a product to leave any “Additional Notes” about the count or delete the item from the stock count entirely.

When you’re done, or taking a break from the count, hit the “Save” button.

5) Saving the count

Save the count by hitting the “Save” button. This saves your progress. On the next page, you can submit the count for review.

To cancel the count and disregard any counts, click “Cancel.”

6) Submitting & Reconciliation

Once the count is saved and you're ready to submit the count, click the "Submit" button. There you’ll have two options:

  • Submitting for approval will label the count as "Pending Approval" on the home screen. To approve, a team member must enter their PIN before we sync the counts to Clover. The team member can then "approve" the count or request changes.

  • Submitting the count (without approval) will immediately sync the counted products to Clover.

If changes are requested, the stock count goes back into an Open state for the original counter to go back, recount, make changes, save, and re-submit.

Once the count has been submitted and approved, it will appear in the "Complete" folder on the home page.

Email your stock count

When in the stock count, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) for the option to "Email Stock Count."

When this button is clicked, the user who is signed in will receive an emailed copy of the Stock Count (PDF and CSV).

If you're the Account Owner, you'll be able to see the costs and discrepancies associated with the product from that count.

NOTE: Tap on a product from a completed stock count to see details like discrepancy, discrepancy value (if you're the Account Owner), and notes.

Send or Sync to Thrive

Once a stock count is submitted and complete, you can sync the counts to your existing Thrive account. We'll sync your counts to Thrive and keep a paper trail as if you were doing a Stocktake.

Don't have a Thrive account? No problem. We offer a free 30-day trial. Learn how you can start saving time and money with Thrive today!

Need Help?

If you aren’t finding the answers in our Help Center, contact us through our Support page.

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