The Process

When connecting Shopify or Square integrations, a process called "mapping" is required. 

Mapping is simply choosing which integration corresponds to which location. Here is an example of a Square account with 4 stores mapping locations to a Shopventory account:

Every location in Square or Shopify must be mapped to a corresponding Shopventory location. 

If there are not enough Shopventory locations already created, you will have the option create a new location when mapping.

Below is a Shopify user with 3 locations in Shopify mapping to a Shopventory account with only one location:

In the above example, "Location 1" in Shopventory will have the "Eastwick" Shopify location mapped to it.

The other 2 Shopventory locations will be created as part of the mapping process. (Shopventory locations can be re-named later on).

If you have any trouble, just feel free to start a chat! 


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