The new BETA Inventory and Inventory By Location reports are streamlined to provide you with the information you need, even faster. These reports are still being tested (in beta), so we can collect feedback.

Ask our Customer Care team (by using the blue chat bubble) about getting opted in so you can take it for a spin!

BETA Inventory Report

To get started, enter the point in time you want the report generated for, or select from one of the presets. The inventory report will be generated for specific moment in time, vs. a Sales Report where you might want to see a range (whether that's 24 hours, a week, month or year). If you are wanting to see how your inventory has changed over a period of time, we recommend generating an Inventory Change Report.

Once that report has generated, you'll see a screen that looks similar to this:

We've added a Potential Profit summary box, along side the existing Total Value, Potential Revenue and Quantity in Stock.

You can use the Filter button, or Search field to narrow your scope. When you filter the report in anyway, the summary boxes above will show the new results based on the filter. At the bottom of the report, there are options to navigate through the report and also select the variants you want to see per page.

The main columns in the report include Product, Variant, Location, List Price, In Stock, Cost/Unit, Total Value, Potential Revenue and Potential Profit (including Profit Margin %).

  • NOTE: If a product was received at varying costs, the cost column will be listed as a range. The happens because we calculate cost on the inventory report based on lot cost (not default cost). If you would like to spot-check a product to ensure the right cost is being calculated, you can do that in the lot history.

Inventory By Location Report

Get a quick glance at your overall (and individual locations) Total Value, Potential Revenue, Potential Profit and Quantity in Stock with one quick report. This is ideal for a quick health check on where your inventory levels are at and easily compare across locations.

Much like the BETA Inventory Report, the first prompt is to choose a specific date and time for the report to be generated. Don't forget, the preset options are incredibly helpful. A report can be generated for Now, Yesterday, Last Month or Last Year at the click of a button.

Once the report is generates, you will find the following information by location and the overall totals in the top boxes:

  • Total Value

  • Potential Revenue

  • Potential Profit

  • Quantity in Stock

Use the "Filter" button to hone in your results and the "Display" button to hide certain columns from view.

Keeping reading to find out more about the options under "Actions" so you can download and/or schedule the report!

Saving and Scheduling your Report

By clicking the "Actions" button, you will see Schedule this Report, Download PDF and Download CSV. The "Schedule this Report" option is only available for users on Professional plans and above. Learn more about upgrading your plan here or click here to jump to the section on scheduled reporting.

When choosing to download a PDF or CSV, you'll have the options to print the "Current Page Only" or "All Pages".

  • If you select "Current Page Only" the file will download immediately.

  • If you select "All Pages" you'll have the option to get the complete report emailed to you.

Generally, it will only take a few moments for the completed Inventory Report to show up in the My Saved Reports section. Since our Inventory Reports hold a lot of information, it could potentially take a couple of minutes to generate. Rest assured, when it's done loading, you'll be able to retrieve it from the My Saved Reports section.

Otherwise, if you don't want to wait, that's why we have the email results option. When the report is complete, we'll send you an email with the title "Your requested report is ready!"

Once the report is downloaded to your device, you can print the report.

Scheduling a Report

The ability to Schedule Reports is only available for users on Professional plans and above (Learn more about upgrading your plan here). Currently, scheduling a report is only available for the BETA Inventory Report and Inventory By Location report, but we are looking to expand shortly!

To schedule a report, you'll first need to generate the BETA Inventory Report. Once it's loaded, click the Actions button, then "Schedule this Report" as shown here:

From there, you'll have the option to choose and interval, whether or not you want to receive email notifications, and also be able to name your report.

  • NOTE: If the point in time you are running the report for is in the past, our system will default the 'Next Run' time to the next possible time after today. If you choose to run a report for a time in the future, that will be the 'Next Run' time.

The intervals will be Daily, Weekly (default) or Monthly. The dropdown options will be based on when the current Inventory Report is generated for. If you generate it for Tuesday the 2nd, you'll have the option to schedule it for "Monthly (on the 2nd)" or "Weekly (every Tuesday)".

If you would prefer the report be scheduled for the 1st of the month, just make sure that's when you're initially running it for the 1st.

Once the report is scheduled, you can find the details in the My Scheduled Reports section of Thrive Inventory.

The columns included on the report are:

  • Report Name (that you chose)

  • Report details

  • Next Run (date and time)

  • Options to Edit or Delete the scheduled report

  • Results (click button to download past versions of that Scheduled Report)

Downloading and Printing your Saved Report

Under the My Saved Reports section you'll find all of your completed reports and options to download them as either a PDF or CSV. Currently, only the BETA Inventory Report uses the My Saved Reports section, but more reports will be making their way here as well.

Once the report is downloaded to your device, you can then print if you so choose.

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