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Quick Definitions

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  • Location - An independent pool of inventory. Sales and updates at one location will not affect inventory at other locations, even if the same product is enabled at both. One business can have more than one than one 'Location' in Shopventory.
  • Integration - An integration refers to an external account connected to Shopventory (Square, Clover, Shopify, QuickBooks, etc.). Each location in that service will be a separate integration. (e.g. If I have one Clover account with 5 merchant locations, I have 5 integrations)
  • Users - How many individual logins can access a single Shopventory account (employees, managers, accountants, etc.) Learn more — More users can be added to any plan via billing Add-Ons. 
  • Saved Custom Reports - Personalized reports where you select which data are shown and filtered Learn more
  • Products/Items/SKUs - Inventory products in your catalog 
  • Transactions - Sales/orders processed by your point of sale/e-commerce integrations
  • Order History - How far back you can view information regarding sales
  • Reporting History - How far back you can view inventory history records
  • Global Currency Support - Over 35 different currency options ($, €, £, etc.)
  • Dashboard Insights - A panel of helpful, at-a-glance insights in Shopventory
  • Dashboard Reporting App - Shopventory's Dashboard mobile app. Learn more
  • Barcode Scanner App - Shopventory's Barcode Scanner mobile app Learn more
  • Amazon Alexa® Voice Command - Ask Alexa about your Shopventory sales Learn more
  • Catalog Management - The ability to create, delete, edit, receive, and manage inventory products
  • SKU Creation - Shopventory's SKU generator tool which allows you to easily create barcodable SKU numbers
  • Lot Cost Management - Track incoming inventory Lot-by-Lot for accurate COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold)
  • Custom Reporting Engine - Personalized reports where you select which data are shown and filtered Learn more
  • Product Profitability Reports - Shopventory will calculate sales and costs to give you detailed, accurate accounting on profits and losses. Learn more 
  • Theft / Discount Reports - Detailed reporting on inventory changes and loss due to shrinkage or discounts. Learn more
  • Inventory Change Reports - Overview of how inventory has changed over time with detailed breakdowns on Sales, Removals, Additions, etc. Learn more
  • Dead Inventory Reports - Identify slow-moving inventory. Learn more
  • Low Inventory Reports - Quickly get a list of everything that's running low. Learn more
  • Low Stock Alerts - Proactive notifications to let you know when inventory levels are below a given threshold. Learn more
  • Price Tags / Label Printing - Print visual Barcodes and price tags from Shopventory. Learn more
  • Stocktakes and Approvals - Initiate and approve counts. Learn more
  • Barcode Scanner Stocktakes - Use a scanner to quickly complete Stocktakes Learn more
  • Vendor Management - Tracking of vendor (supplier) information, including assigning products to corresponding vendors. Learn more
  • Vendor Performance Reports - View sales by Vendor Learn more
  • Warehouse Feature - A location without an integration. This serves as a separate pool of inventory to manage warehouse, storage, or back-of-house stock. Learn more
  • Internal Transfers - Move inventory between your locations and track products in-transit. Learn more
  • Automatic Purchase Orders - Keep track of and receive incoming inventory. Learn more
  • Kits & Bundles Management - Track products made from other products (gift packs, commissions, 2-for-1 discounts, combos, etc) Learn more
  • Recipe / Ingredient Tracking - Combine raw ingredients into finished recipes as Bundles in Shopventory. Learn more
  • Spreadsheet Upload Tools - Make mass updates to inventory info using a spreadsheet. Learn more
  • Intelligent Stock Forecasting - Shopventory will forecast how much time remains until a product runs out of stock Learn more
  • Automatic Stock Transfers - Add automation to Internal Transfers via PAR Levels and Reorder Quantities
  • Beta Feature Access - Try out the newest functions when they're added
  • User Access Permissions - Restrict user access to certain functions/features based on their role within the business (cashiers, managers, accountants, etc.) Learn more
  • QuickBooks Daily Sync - Shopventory will automatically send out an update to QuickBooks Online every night Learn more


Locations and integrations limits

Shopventory simply uses whichever has the most entries to determine billing. 

In other words, an account with 3 integrations and 1 location would be billed for the 3 integrations. 

By the same token, an account that has 3 locations and only 1 integration would be billed for the 3 locations. Whichever is highest! 


OPTIONAL Billing Add-Ons:

These are optional charges in addition to your regular monthly subscription plan. Learn more

  • QuickBooks Daily Sync - Shopventory will automatically send out an update to QuickBooks Online every night. Learn more
  • Add +5 Users to Any Plan - 5 additional logins can be created for your account to accommodate more users for your Shopventory account. Learn more
  • Add +10 Custom Reports - Allows you to create and save 10 more Custom Reports Learn more
  • Add +5 Locations to Elite - Enable an additional 5 locations, integrations, and users in Shopventory.
  • Personal Training Session - This is a personalized conference session with a Shopventory representative in case your account requires more specialized attention. (A free webinar is also available instead.) Learn more

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


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