Generating Variants

Using the variant generation matrix

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Thrive lets you generate variants quickly and easily using a simple matrix. In the following sections, we'll discuss when and how to use it:

When to use

This option is helpful if you have many different variants to create under a product (e.g. multiple sizes, colors, flavors, and varieties).

It is also useful if you need attribute names to appear in your e-commerce web store (such as titles on your dropdown menu).

How to generate variants

  1. Create a new product or click on an existing product from the Inventory page.

  2. Click "Generate Variants" as shown below:

  • NOTE: If the product already has (had) variants, this button will not appear.

Clicking "Generate Variants" brings up a matrix that you can populate with the different attributes you need (size, color, etc).

For example, a T-Shirt might look like this:

Once you've added all the options/possibilities, you will have the option to manually disable any of the varieties:

Click "Add Selected Variants" to create those options for the product page. Now, they can be edited further:

Click "Create variant" to automatically add all missing combinations or create a new option based on the existing attribute data.

Click "Edit Attributes" to edit or remove existing attribute data.

  • NOTE: When using this method, the variant names will be uneditable via Bulk Upload, because of how the information is stored.

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