Shopventory allows you to generate variants quickly and easily using a simple matrix.

When to use

This option is helpful if you have a lot of different variants to create under a product (e.g. multiple sizes, colors, flavors, varieties). It is also used if you need Attribute names to appear in your e-commerce web store. 


Generating Variants

To access the variant generation matrix, Create a new product and click on "Generate Variants":

This will bring up the matrix which you can then fill in with the different attributes you need. You can use these for just about any item in any inventory. This is what it might look like for a T-Shirt:

Once you've added all the possibilities, Shopventory will automatically generate all combinations using the attributes:

Each variant is then managed as a single product like any other variant! 

You may continue to add variants after creation in the Edit Product panel by specifying the new variant's attributes (e.g. Size, Style and Color).

⚠️ WARNING: If variants were generated, then Variant Names will not be editable via Spreadsheet Bulk Upload.


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